Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Review: Emmy's Organics

I am a small business owner, so any story that involves a small business that makes it big always excites me.  And Emmy's Organics is no exception!  Started by Samantha and Ian (out of Ian's mom Emmy's kitchen), this little business idea began with coconut macaroons and expanded to include trail mix, granola, sprouted foods and even chocolate sauce!  All of their products are not only super delish, but also vegan, raw and gluten free!  You just can't get better than that.

When I opened the box from Emmy's, I was first immediately impressed by their packaging. I am a packaging snob and a former advertising designer, so I always look for great logos, color combinations and overall brand feel.  They had very clean and crisp labeling, with vibrant, but natural, colors and I always love the matching packaging designs, with just a little color variance. I received 4 flavors of macaroons and one small sample of chocolate sauce.

I should probably say that I had *just* come off of a modified juice fast when this box arrived and all of the flavors just popped like crazy mad on my poor, neglected taste buds! ;)  But, I saved some of each and tried them again yesterday and they all still tasted amazing. So, no juice fasting required!

Ok, down to business...

Coconut Vanilla - If you like coconut, but don't like too many other crazy flavors, this one is for you!  I was obsessed with the subtle vanilla flavor these had. Very coconutty, but that's sort of the point with macaroons, huh!?  These are perfectly sweetened with seriously the most amazing vanilla flavor, and ingredients you can live with.

Dark Cacao -The chocolate flavor of these was intense and perfect.  Again, a little coconutty, but duh. Seriously. Amazeballs. Rich, decadent, to die for, and still a healthy treat!

Lemon Ginger - I am kind of a lemon freak. Lemon is one of my favorite flavors in anything, and these were perfectly flavored. Not too sour, but you could definitely taste the lemon, with a slight hint of ginger. I really liked these.

Mint Chip - So, I'm not going to lie. These were MY FAVE. I nearly ate all three at once because they were that good. But, instead I just ate half of them. Such. Restraint!  The chocolate and mint didn't seem like they'd be a good combo with the coconut, but they were perfect. Still very coconutty, so if you DO NOT LIKE COCONUT, then these are not for you, but seriously. Why ya buying coconut macaroons if you don't like coconut anyway, amiright?   If you like anything chocolate/mint, then you MUST order these pronto.  The mint was a combo of spearmint and peppermint, which is what made these the chicken dinner winner.  Unless you're vegan, which means these were the "chicken" dinner winner.  But either way, winning.

Chocolate Sauce - This was just evil. Here I am on a juice fast and there's this little pot of chocolatey, drippy goodness for me to try.  How is it possible this is still healthy??  It's like magic, or something.  I wish you could taste this for yourself....oh wait!  You can.  Hop on over to their shop and get yourself some of this!  It would go perfectly on some homemade almond flour brownies, fresh fruit, or coconut ice cream.  Or a spoon....not saying I did that, but it could be an option for you!  

Overall, I am very pleased with this product.  So, if you're looking for a sweet treat that won't send you into sugar coma or make your jeans shrink, then you definitely need to give Emmy's a try!  And check out their facebook page while you're out here on the interwebz.  Tell them Whole to Healthy sent you!!  xoxo

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