I offer a variety of services, both for online clients and Fort Wayne area clients. If you have any questions, please contact me!   

Meet & Greet                                             FREE
Length: 30 minutes
Not sure if you’re ready to commit to a consultation? Let’s get to know each other and see if my approach fits with your fitness goals.  
Online clients: we can do this by phone/email/skype.

Ready-Set-Go consultation                          $150
Length: 2 hours
Here I go through your medical and health history in detail to determine the proper approach for your journey. I will also look at your current food intake, sleep schedule, lifestyle and exercise frequency. You will leave the meeting with a customized plan to get you started, as well as recipes and other tips for staying on track and being successful with your health goals. 
Online Clients: this would not be as long, and would be conducted via email/mail/phone/skype

Ready-Set-Go PLUS                                   $180
Length: 3-4 hours
This includes everything you get in the Ready-Set-Go consultation but also includes a grocery store tour, a cooking class, and unlimited emails and texts for a month! This can be done over a period of time, not necessarily all on one day.
Not available for online clients.

Private Sessions                                         $75
Length: 1 hour
These include a weigh in at each meeting, review of diet diary, new recipes and menu ideas, plus unlimited texts and emails, and tweaking your meal plans to fit your goals and make sure you can stay on track and turn this way of eating into a lifestyle! 
Online clients: you will weigh yourself and report to me.  Your diet diary will need emailed to me prior, so we can go over it together. Recipes, meal plans, etc will be emailed. Includes unlimited texts and emails.

Bulk sessions                         3 sessions: $195
9 sessions: $540
15 sessions: $825
Length: 1 hour
Sign up for multiple private sessions and save!  Let me help you stay on track and keep you motivated with weekly, biweekly, or monthly sessions!
Available for online clients.

Group Sessions (3 or more people)           $40 per person
Length: 1 hour
Receive the same as with the private sessions.  This is ideal for family members or a group of friends.
Not available for online clients.

Grocery store tour                                      $30
Length: Up to 1 hour
Take a tour of your favorite grocery store and learn how to read labels, discover health foods that may be new to you, and learn how to pick the best produce.
Not available for online clients.

Cooking classes             
$75 per hour, in home, not including food
$40 per hour, group (on location with food sampling and hands-on lessons
$30 per hour, skype (online, no food sampling or hands-on lessons)

Meal planning                                           $40/hour
Let me design a custom meal plan for you and your family to fit your health and weight loss goals. Specializing in allergen avoidance. Can work with vegan, raw, vegetarian, paleo, or traditional clean eating plans.
Available for online clients.

Meals prepared                                          Price varies ($5-$12 per meal)
Let me do the cooking for you!  All meals are made with organic, whole foods. NO boxed or packaged foods!  Specializing in non-allergen cooking.
Not available for online clients, unless you want to drive here.  ;)

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