Saturday, August 3, 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger walks into a juice bar...

If you follow my facebook page, you already know that I'm planning to do a 7-day juice fast in honor of reaching 7,000 fans.  There will be a big, juicy giveaway too, which I'm very excited about! I always feel like Oprah when I do giveaways!  YOU GET A JUICER!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! <bitches be faintin>

But, I digress.  Another, more serious, reason that I want to do this juice fast is because I've had a minor health scare. Or major, depending on how you look at it.  I have an under active thyroid that I've kept in check with Armour Thyroid for about 15 years, but recently my doc said my TSH levels were too high, while the other numbers were in normal range.  He suspects something might be going on in the pituitary gland. The word tumor may have been mentioned.  I just keep pretending I'm Ahnuld and saying, "It's NOT a toomahhh," like the mature adult that I am.  But seriously.  It may just be a blood clot or something, so why freak out? Anyway, he wants to do an MRI. I want a month to fix it "my way", which is what led him to call me a pain in the ass.  He loves me. He really loves me.

My reasons for not wanting to do the MRI right away are:
a) the MRI will cost me about $450 (my insurance is just pretending to be insurance)
2) I am not convinced the labs were accurate, because I feel fine
D) if they found a tumor, I'd still want to do a juice fast to hopefully cure myself anyway
iii) I'm a pain in the ass

The plan: Do a 7 day juice fast with the hopes of actually making it much longer.  Preferably 15 days or more. Eat mostly raw after. Focus on other detox methods (dry brushing, lymph massage, etc) and then appease the doc with the MRI and probably a new TSH blood draw. Cross fingers.

So, while a juice fast isn't for everyone, and I have a seriously horrible track record with juice fasting, this is the best option that I feel I have right now. I know many of you will write to me and disagree or have other options, but I've been instinctively drawn to juice fasting for a long time now.  This is the right time. And to make sure that I don't completely bail on this like I did last time, I have a genius plan.  And I mean, GENIUS.

This time I will plan ahead.  I know! Genius.
This time I will enlist a buddy!  Genius, right?!?!?!
This time...wait for it.....I am spending the first 3 days of  the fast at an amazing, peaceful, relaxing, gorgeous lake cottage! No one to cook for!  No food except produce to juice!

I can't guarantee more than 7 days, but I can guarantee that I will at least make it past the dreaded first 3 days!  From what I hear, if you can make it past 3 days, it's smooth sailin'. And, this time I have the ok from my doc *and* a juice expert on standby to help walk me through any bumps.  I wasn't fooling around when I said my plan was genius.

Juice fast starts August 20th. Everyone is welcome to join.  I am still figuring out recipes and menu, but keep watching the facebook page for details. I'll be working closely with a local farm, too, which I am very excited about!  Nothing like juicing fresh from the garden, organic goodies!

And the giveaway is going to be B-A-N-A-N-A-S! <jumps up and down> Take THAT, Oprah!

*PLEASE NOTE: I am in NO way suggesting anyone attempt to cure their cancer/tumors/anything that ails ya with a juice fast. This is just my gut instinct. Consult your own doctor. Consult your own gut.  Make the right choice for YOU.  Be well. <3

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