Monday, December 3, 2012

Review: Simply Hemp Milk

If you follow me on Facebook, you already know a few things about me: a.) I love me some hemp seeds, and b.) I am infatuated with the documentary Average Joe on the Raw. So, needless to say, when these two things came together in one yummy package...I had to try it!

The owner/creator of Simply Hemp Milk is none other than Seth Hayhurst, the "Average Joe" the documentary was based on.  He changed his life and his health when he began eating a Raw foods diet. I was even inspired to do the Raw foods diet study after watching the documentary.

One thing that intrigued me the most about Simply Hemp Milk, was that it came in a powdered form.  That eliminates the need for any preservatives, or other unnecessary additives that most shelf-stable milk alternatives have.

When I received the samples, I was immediately impressed by the packaging.  The milk powder comes in a very natural, simple package, but still very attractive and fun.  It's also unbelievably easy to make!  All you do is dump the contents of the package into your blender, add water, and blend.  It took no time at all to have some fresh, delicious hemp milk, without the worry of unwanted sweeteners, chemicals, and other junk.  Of course, that also means the milk won't last for weeks, like some pasteurized versions will, but that's ok.  It won't make it that long anyway!

I tasted it plain, and really enjoyed the subtly sweet, somewhat cinnamony taste of the milk by itself, but my very favorite way to use it was in my smoothies. Hemp is an excellent source of protein, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and phytonutrients, so by adding it to my smoothies I was really getting a great boost of nutrients, while adding a super yummy dimension to my smoothies.  It would make a great after-workout drink, fo sho.

So, do me a favor and head on over to Simply Hemp Milk and order a sample pack (or more)! You can thank me later. <3

Saturday, December 1, 2012

31 Days of December challenge, plus a SALE!

Happy December to all!  This month is always my craziest with my other business (DipSticks Gourmet Pretzels), so what would any normal person do?  Make it even crazier!

I am not only introducing my first ever workout challenge for the whole month, but I'm also offering a big discount on my nutrition services!  I want each and every one of you to have ZERO excuses for not staying healthy this holiday season!

Ok, here is the 31 Days of December challenge.  Treat it exactly like the 12 days of Christmas.  For example, on the first day of December, just do that exercise.  On the second day of December, do day 2 *and* day 1.  On the third day of December, do day 3's exercise PLUS day 2's exercise, PLUS day 1's exercise....and so on and so on until you have 31 days to do all in one day!  HEY! I said it was a challenge!  :)   And please!  If this is too much for you, or if it's too easy for you, feel free to adjust it to suit your workout needs.  This is mostly for fun and to make sure you are all active at least one time per day during December! I created this to be easy to do for any fitness level, and to do from anywhere, with not much special equipment. You need a jump rope, some weights (optional) and a box or stairs to jump on, and that's it!  Have fun with this!  I'd LOVE to see some videos of you guys doing this, too.  How fun would that be?!

Day 1: 1 minute jumping rope
Day 2: 2 box jumps
Day 3: 3 side push ups
Day 4: 4 reverse crunches
Day 5: 5 burpees burping (hee hee)
Day 6: 6 toe raises
Day 7: 7 bicep curls
Day 8: 8 V-up sit ups
Day 9: 9 falling push ups
Day 10: 10 box jumps
Day 11: 11 plank jacks
Day 12: 12 star jumps
Day 13: 13 rapid squats
Day 14: 14 triceps dips
Day 15: 15 second side planks
Day 16: 16 reverse crunches
Day 17: 17 speed skaters
Day 18: 18 mountain climbers
Day 19: 19 jumping jacks
Day 20: 20 second sprint intervals on the treadmill (try to do 3 sets)
Day 21: 21 walking lunges
Day 22: 22 side push ups
Day 23: 23 bicycle crunches
Day 24: 24 butt raises
Day 25: 25 push ups
Day 26: 26 arm circles
Day 27: 27 leg lifts on each side (use weights if you want)
Day 28: 28 Russian twists (use a weight or weighted ball if possible)
Day 29: 29 jump squats
Day 30: 30 second plank
Day 31: 31 stair step-ups

If you don't know what any of these exercises are, they can all be found on google, or you can contact me for more direction.

Now, for the nutrition services discount.  I am going to waive the initial 2 hour consultation fee (a $150 value!)  for anyone who signs up for 3 or more private sessions with me. This can be ONLINE as well as IN PERSON.  The online clients have different steps to follow, but the support and information is the same.

IF you are interested in these services, please check out my site, decide how many sessions you would like, and email/call me to get set up!  Easy peasy.

Let's recap:
Fitness challenge
Nutrition services discounted
Daily ramblings on nutrition, fitness, and fun on the ol' FB page
Private motivation group on FB
Fort Wayne support group meetings

I'd say we've got all of our bases covered!  Let's do this!!  Let's show the holidays who's BOSS!!